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Monday, December 28, 2009
8:04 AM

just finished crazy n rubbish chit-chatting with izat. she buzzed me because of my YM status saying that "bila kenyang, perut akn jd lipat2..adusssss!!!". anyway, this chatting became so rubbish n nonsense since izat is sakit-mental as always. just imagine...she dreamed she was a toad. x pnh ade org mmpi cmttuuuuuuuuu..aku konfius btl la dgn otak pmpuan nih. haha. anyway, this is the content of our chatting:

nurizzzati taib: babe
nurizzzati taib: bla kenyang
nurizzzati taib: prot smua org berlipat
nurizzzati taib: hehehe
nurizzzati taib: da name pon br pas mkn
nurizzzati taib: hehe
nurizzzati taib: (tnjuk emoticon jelir)
syira zawawi: this one
syira zawawi: my tummy
syira zawawi: is unacceptably lipaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttttttttttttt2
syira zawawi: wohoooooooooooooooooooooooo
syira zawawi: mau kerok mata aku jap tgk lipatan perut aku
nurizzzati taib: hahahaha
syira zawawi: perut ko x sekronik aku
syira zawawi: aku dh try sit-ups, crunches tu la ni la
syira zawawi: last skali bdn je yg sakit lbih
syira zawawi: perut kempis xde pnnnnnnnnnnnnn
nurizzzati taib: (emoticon gelak golek2)
nurizzzati taib: (emoticon gelak golek2)
nurizzzati taib: babe
nurizzzati taib: bende tu kn wat slalu
nurizzzati taib: at least a month
nurizzzati taib: br dpt tgk result die
nurizzzati taib: hehe
nurizzzati taib: klu stakat wat seminggu
nurizzzati taib: mmg la xnampak pon
nurizzzati taib: hahahaha
syira zawawi: aku dh penah wt dlm sbln
syira zawawi: tp xde kempis mn pnnnnnnnnnnnn
syira zawawi: aku rasa lemak aku very high kualitu
syira zawawi: *kualitu
syira zawawi: segala bnda ade dlm perut aku
nurizzzati taib: hahaha
nurizzzati taib: lemak degil kot
nurizzzati taib: kn extra tuu
nurizzzati taib: huuu
syira zawawi: otak lembu, lidah lembu, perut lembu, bntot ayam, kaki ayam, pedal ayam...u name everything that come across to ur mind...ko msti leh jmpe dlm perut aku
syira zawawi: aku rasa leh bukak mini restoran kot kt dlm perut aku ni
syira zawawi: hahahahhaha
nurizzzati taib: hahahahaha
nurizzzati taib: syg oii
nurizzzati taib: klu awk wat sit up
nurizzzati taib: tp xjg mkn
nurizzzati taib: harus la bende tu xjalan
nurizzzati taib: huuuuuu
syira zawawi: nk diet ape ke benda nye time cuti2 skola ni?
syira zawawi: byk sgt hantu2 suruh aku mkn
syira zawawi: diorg ckap...'baik mkn puas masa kt umah. pasni dh xde gaji 3 bln, mst dh xleh mkn sgt....'
syira zawawi: hahahhhaha
syira zawawi: ape lg....melahap x ingt dunia la
syira zawawi: tkg jahit kt kg bdn dh naik ni. ukuran pinggang dh tmbah stgh x jgk insaf
nurizzzati taib: hahahaha
nurizzzati taib: ala
nurizzzati taib: normal la
nurizzzati taib: da nm pn stay kt umah
nurizzzati taib: mst la naik punye
nurizzzati taib: g umah sedara lg
nurizzzati taib: smua pon sumbat mkn byk2
nurizzzati taib: hehe
syira zawawi: ko lain
syira zawawi: ko mkn byk pn x sehazab aku
syira zawawi: ko ambk size MCD MCVALUE LUNCH REGULAR
syira zawawi: aku lak ambk MCD XDE VALUE YG LARGE
syira zawawi: see the difference
syira zawawi: ahahahaha
nurizzzati taib: (gelak golek2)
nurizzzati taib: (gelak golek2)
syira zawawi: siot tol la gelakkn aku
syira zawawi: krg asam!
syira zawawi: hahahahaha
syira zawawi: xpe2
syira zawawi: nti thn dpn aku kancil la kot cket
syira zawawi: hope so la
syira zawawi: hahahah
nurizzzati taib: hahahaha
nurizzzati taib: sumpah lawak
nurizzzati taib: hehehe
nurizzzati taib: xpe
nurizzzati taib: sye percaya thn depan harus smua mengurus
nurizzzati taib: 3 bulan xde gaji
nurizzzati taib: hehehe
syira zawawi: walaupn 3 bln xde gaji
syira zawawi: pama ade jeeee leh bg duit
syira zawawi: xpe la wehhhh...aku rasa kalau x thn sgt
syira zawawi: aku tarah je la lemak2 kt perut aku ni
syira zawawi: pastu aku lempar bg kt ayam blkg umah aku mkn
syira zawawi: sbb aku tgk diorg cm x ckup zat
syira zawawi: kalau mkn lemak aku, harus gemuk gedempol sume nya
syira zawawi: hahhahahaha
nurizzzati taib: haha
nurizzzati taib: pastu sembelih
nurizzzati taib: wat gulai
nurizzzati taib: sodap!
nurizzzati taib: hehee
syira zawawi: wt ayam masak lemak
syira zawawi: gune ayam kampunggggg
syira zawawi: perghhh mantappppp
syira zawawi: ditambah lak dgn lemak gred A++ aku..
nurizzzati taib: huuu
nurizzzati taib: best2
nurizzzati taib: hehe
syira zawawi: merembes air liyr
syira zawawi: haahahah
nurizzzati taib: (gelak nganga mulut luas2)
nurizzzati taib: lemak berkrim yekk
nurizzzati taib: hehe
syira zawawi: ko ape tau
syira zawawi: lemak berkrim org sukeeeeeeeeeeeee
syira zawawi: ala2 mcm mkn new york cheese cake yg creamy n yummy tuh
syira zawawi: hahahahhaha
nurizzzati taib: hahahaha
nurizzzati taib: lemak berkrim mmg la org sukeee
nurizzzati taib: hahaha
nurizzzati taib: (jelir lidah)
nurizzzati taib: btw
nurizzzati taib: zafri cmne
nurizzzati taib: hehe
syira zawawi: sori nyah
syira zawawi: aku tgh masukkn content chatting kte dlm blog
syira zawawi: hahahahha
syira zawawi: zafri sihat..mata ada..idung ade..mulut ade...kaki ada...tgn ada
syira zawawi: hehe
nurizzzati taib: alhamdullilah
nurizzzati taib: idup lg la kire tu
nurizzzati taib: hahaha
nurizzzati taib: weii
nurizzzati taib: awk copy bulat ke
nurizzzati taib: hahahaha
syira zawawi: hahahah
ko jgn
syira zawawi: dia la buah ati aku
syira zawawi: dia romeo aku juliet
syira zawawi: dia majnun aku laila
syira zawawi: dia off aku pn off
syira zawawi: gitewwwwww

that's it....demmit~~~!! this chatting is so bengongggggggg!! haha


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Monday, December 14, 2009
1:15 PM


this is my freakin' college. it's an ill-managed academic institution i would say yet in the end has made me to become an English teacher. gila bosan study kt cni. everyone in this college eventually will be a teacher. no engineers, no doctors, no accountants. see how dull it is!

para 1: the stairs - this is what we call as 'Batu Caves The Junior'. the reason??. if u zoom up the stairs, u will notice that it has so manyyyyyyy steps. 40 steps ok!. A very good exercise for zoombies like me to fully open their sleepy eyes before reaching the class

para 2: the gym - many people love this place. the pain is we have to queue or something like 'booking' the workout machine that we wish to use. booking strategy based on my own experience: while u are cycling and deciding to use the treadmill next, u have to keep on looking at the person that use it at that time and give signals to other people in the gym that u gonna use it after him. when the person step out from the treadmill, u have to walk fast towards it before other people steal your turn. watch your step! don't be so freakin' obvious that u need that goddamn treadmill or else others will stare strange at u and they will mark u as ' si jakun treadmill".hahahaha. soooooooo terrible isn't it??? errrrrrrr.....should i call it as 'gym' anymore?! u make your own judgment..

para 3: guest's housing - neither never heard of it nor knew about it before. errmmm..if my parents come to IPBA, can they stay there??? they are guests right??

that's it for now. i better chow-chin-chaw or else i will be known as ungrateful child of IPBA if i'm continuing my words....hehe


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Thursday, December 10, 2009
9:01 AM i'm officially psycho n one more level to attain ORG GILA stage. when the rug is all over my body after this (this includes my face too!), let me weep my tears!! i dont wanna stop...let them pour down as much as necessary...

asyi, please...get back to your normal-self!! immediately!!!

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Friday, December 4, 2009
8:30 AM

my email n all the inside stuff were just updated
and i found a very old notepad that i wrote by myself long2 time ago

first-time reading: "damnnn...ape ke benda ayat ko nih?? ko sedang ckap bahasa timbuktu ke hape??? tunggang-langgang gile...."
**take note: aku tepuk dahi sendiri bila bc notepad ni ok!**

second-time reading: "enough of reading it asyi..ur english grammar erros n poor sentence structures are sooooo embarassing! u are embarassing all the english teachers out there..."

let me copy paste the notepad here:

(word friends pn slh eja...bengong-ness!! can't accept it!! wait2,perhaps typoooooooooo (**take note: i'm in denial.hahahaha**). hey asyi, 'friends' la..)

CONTENT: I really miss my is so painful..sometimes,this feeling can kill me (better one: this feeling is killing me)...and definitely,i cannot stand anymore..but i know it must be a benefit there for the reason why we choose our separate ways (better one: i know there is a benefit of why we choose our separate ways)...sometimes,it's hard to understand but i know that understanding will come will not appear takes time and we have to be patient...and try to receive that thing by its appearance (word accuracy: its surface)..please try not to demanding (grammar: not to be demanding)...because it tends u to be very fussy (word accuracy: it influences u to be very fussy)

As one of the future English teachers, this piece of writing should be graded as 'C' or 'D'. poor sentence structure...xde flow of ideas...inaccurate word choice...grammar no need to be mentioned further, hancurrrrr-ness!

opppppsssss...i forgot to mention about this. i wrote in on the 25th Nov 2004 at 9.50p.m. i was 18 at the moment and now i am 23. notepad is not that bad isn't it for the age of 18?? (take note: clapping myself!)

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